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High-quality guttering replacements and repairs

Not only do we undertake all aspects of roofing, but we also carry out guttering work which includes repairing gutters, replacing fascias and soffits and installing new guttering systems. These services are carried out by our highly skilled and experienced roofing specialists and we only use the highest quality materials to ensure durability.
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Seamless gutter systems

When installing a new guttering system, we only use modern aluminium guttering which is seamless as it is one long piece which is fabricated on site to allow a perfect fit onto the building. Aluminium guttering has a greater advantage over plastic as it has fewer joints which overlap and therefore leakage is rare, there are no unsightly brackets on the outside, and it can hold much more rain water. It is available in a wide choice of colours.
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Gutter repair and maintenance

We are able to repair, renew or install guttering for domestic and commercial buildings to ensure the rainwater is directed off the roof and into the drains. Over time, gutter joints can start leaking and end up damaging the roof structure. Our workers will be able to assess the damage and repair the seams and joints to stop any leaks and make sure there are no blockages stopping the flow of water. 
AA Abbey Roofing offers guttering replacements and repairs at affordable prices in Swansea, Port Talbot and Neath.
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