Chimney Repairs

As well as repairing and fitting roofs, AA Abbey Roofing also carries out chimney repairs and rebuilds. Chimneys are vulnerable to bad weather conditions which can damage the mortar joints between the chimney and the roof and the lead flashing around the bottom can also deteriorate causing leakage problems. Our skilled workers are able to repoint chimneys by renewing the mortar joints on the roof, replace the lead to stop any leaks and even rebuild them to suit existing properties. You can also contact us for roofing and guttering services.

  • Chimney Repairs
  • Chimney Servicing
  • Relining and Repointing Work
  • Chimney Sweep

Ensure the safety and structural integrity of your chimney with our cleaning and maintenance services. From lining repairs to exterior refinishing, we provide a full range of chimney maintenance solutions.

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